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$100 per show
  • Become a sponsor with a special shout-out at the beginning and ending of the show. Contact us to discuss slots available and programming choices that will target your market niche. If you wish, we can also incorporate a product-giveaway into your sponsorship promotion. Broadcast your brand!
  • Become a guest on the 'Russ on the Radio' show and promote your business and/or product! Your interview will be added to our YouTube catalog, promoted over multiple social networks, and may also be broadcast over the radio by our networked affiliations. You will also be provided with a copy of the interview which you are free to use for further promotion anywhere you choose.
$50 (and up)
  • Become an advertiser for as little as $50. And, if you need a hand with creating a commercial spot, we can help with that too (for an additional fee). Contact us to discuss how we can create an exciting and appealing ad for you that targets your customer base, or you can send us your own.
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The beauty of talk radio is, it ain't going away!

- Joe Sabah

Any time you'd like to have me come back and be on your show, I'd be more than happy to!

- Ron Popeil
Russ Stevenson.


Starting with his first bag of toy soldiers, Russ Stevenson grew up with a curiosity about how products were marketed and sold. Russ has played a huge part in the success of an abundance of unique products.

Russ has decades of experience in networking, promoting, and product development. Now, with his help, you have the opportunity to make your businesses grow and flourish! Contact Russ today!